To attend a Blessing of the Animals is always special and today was no exception.  My dear friend and Pastor, Susan Norman Vickers presided over the service at Christ UMC.  In attendance were the
“two legged” with leashes, boxes and crates along with creatures great and small.  I think Rev. Sue was somewhat pleased that this year there were no snakes or other such kind from God’s great Kingdom.  Not that she wouldn’t have given them the same Blessing….it’s just, well, you know.
 There was a really cool “Rainbow Hippie Bunny”…
Dexter and his parents


And several smiling dogs and people… and yes, dogs do smile, just look!
Until one has loved an animal,
a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.
Anatole France


“LET GO DAD!  I see a cute guy over there!
Lots of people talk to animals….
Not very many listen, though…. That’s the problem.
Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh
And then, there was the serenade.  Sweet chimes and beautiful voices…
They really were happy…just concentrating!


“This is My Fathers World”
The best part of the service was to see how much love was shared – humans to their pets and especially pets to “their people.”
It’s also important to say
 “Thank You God for my friend”…
we are the ones who are truly blessed.
Dixie and Pepper’s Mama….counting her blessings.