I got a little cocky…ahead of myself and thought “I’ve got it together!” Almost finished decorating for Christmas, scheduled and confirmed parties, gifts purchased – sorta, so I am feeling good and walking TALL.

Well, just hold on Sis!  This afternoon, the world seemed to say…..”let’s just see how good you think you are” so…

* Pick up my guy Hunter from school early, he’s sick – made chicken noodle soup, it helped.
* Someone else volunteered me to host a luncheon for 12 ladies – really?….actually, loving it.
* Basketball and Lacrosse start this weekend – more stinky clothes to come.
* Choral rehearsal every morning at 7 AM for concert at the Governor’s Mansion – Sternberger was selected as the only elementary school! Yippee!!
* Hunt just asked for more noodle soup…..heated it up and made a special snack – really? he’s asleep on the sofa…it’s all good.
* Pulled laundry from dryer to find….1 spare car key, 1 mechanical pencil, 1 tube of chap stick and 2 paperclips – wonder which belongs to which person in this house?  hmm – at least the chap stick can be repaired, just put it in the fridge.

Oh well…..it’s a beautiful afternoon.  Maybe I’ll eat the soup, have a Clementine and rethink things…..

Counting my blessings for all of the things above and many more!