I’m sure you could tell by the title, today is a special day for me.  Yep, it’s our anniversary…22 years for me and my guy.

There’s been much more of the “for better” than of the “for worse” and I am very thankful for that.  Like every marriage, we’ve had our trying times but one thing is for sure… for me, life is so much better, easier and special along side Big Sweetie.

So, I plan on enjoying today, reminiscing a little and even more so than a few other days…really, really count my blessings.
Happy Anniversary Babe,
Mrs. Honey Mullins

PS…to clarify my name, when Creed was in preschool, his teachers asked the children to tell them their mother’s name in order to make a gift for Mother’s Day.  With a very matter of fact tone in his voice, Creed answered, “Honey Mullins”….he’d never heard his dad call me anything other than Honey.  Oh, how I love my men!