This Thursday in particular, I am very thankful.  It’s finally here, Cooking with A Southern Soul, the series of cooking classes for middle school kids starts at 5:30 tonight!  I’m excited, anxious and totally humbled at the outpouring of support that I’ve received on this new venture.  So, I’ll try to keep the list as short as possible, but it will be hard…

I’m thankful for…
~My Family – Rob and boys have been awesome, tasting recipes, cleaning the kitchen, taking out the trash, tasting more recipes, listening to me fuss & talk to my food and getting me tissues when I have a breakdown.  Best of all, they love me just because I’m me.
~My Mom – the best listener and cheerleader a person could have.
~My Sister – she’s an inspiration…a great cook and even better baker~Blue Ribbons, too many to mention.
~My Friends – some are far away so I am thankful for technology that keeps us in touch and for the friends that are right around the corner.  To my Wednesday morning group, you all are the best and I thank you for your prayers and love.
~My Cheerleaders – You girls plus a few guys are THE BEST!  I am thankful you take my phone calls and let me vent & ramble.  You are funny, encouraging, tell me the truth, are understanding and loving.  Thank you for embracing my crazy dream and helping me make it a reality.

Whew, enough for now, cause any more and there’d be tears!  But not today…I’m ready to meet a few new friends and have some fun while teaching these precious kids how to cook and enjoy food!