I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!  Our family is still enjoying some much needed time off and are loving it.  Several weeks ago, I was invited to join a GREAT group of writers ~ Southern Food Bloggers.  I love all of the sharing and insights.  If you look to the right on this blog page, you’ll see the Southern Food Bloggers logo…just click on it and you’ll go to the group’s page filled with lots of wonderful recipes and information.

I’m sharing a special link with you from my new friend, Jessica.  She writes the Urban Sacred Garden blog and is so talented.  She recently wrote “Best of Easter Round-Up” and I think these recipes are perfect for spring as well!  I am also quite honored that she chose one of my recipes to be included on her list – Chocolate and Pistachio Matzoh.  Sit back and enjoy Urban Sacred Garden…it’s a treat!


Best of Easter Round-Up | Urban Sacred Garden



One of the best parts of being a food blogger is getting to know so many wonderful people who also…