In and Out and All Around

What a great 4 days I’ve had hanging out with a couple of special girls and 4 crazy kids who happen to be best friends!  We had the best time together – laughing, playing in the sand & sun, and eating lots of great food.  SUMMERTIME at it’s best!

Well, A Southern Soul is home, but my house is a little empty.  My sweet son, Creed, is in the Dominican Republic, pouring concrete and teaching Vacation Bible School to over 100 kids.  He’ll be back on Saturday, tired and changed forever.  I am so proud that he answered the call on his heart to go on this trip.  He’s the youngest on the team of 12 and from what I’m hearing so far…is loving every minute of it.  And then today, on my way home from Cherry Grove….I made a pit stop at Boy Scout Camp Durant.  My young buck wanted MORE Scout fun so he’s gone too!  Oh well, Mr. A Southern Soul, the 2 “girls” and I will have to make the best of things.  I think someone already has a plan……

PS – Summer is not over yet, so hang out with me!  We’ve got a lot of HOT to go through yet!

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