A Great Find and The Big Game!

I’m double dipping and sharing a second time today, because I just couldn’t help it.  I’m often out shopping, running errands or exploring and when I find something special, great or memorable, it’s called a “bluebird.”  Growing up, that’s what an unexpected, happy surprise was called.
Well…today, I stumbled upon a bluebird – just look!
I found these awesome, vintage Pyrex bowls with lids at Goodwill for 3 and 4 dollars!  Don’t they just scream fall?  They are in perfect condition and after a run through the dishwasher, I put them to work!  They were out on the table tonight loaded with some good eats that I’ll share more about in the morning.
For now, I’m headed back to the kitchen to fire up the ovens & burners.
It’s time for some FOOTBALL!  The longest standing rivalry in the county is tomorrow night and our school is the home team.  Even though my guy doesn’t play, our family will all be there because this is a night you just can’t miss!  Of course, it all starts with tailgating with friends so, I’m bringing my best game.
Now…where did I put my fire baton?…
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  1. Those bowls are awesome and prices you got them at are a steal. Love how seasonal they are. I recently ordered some microwave safe storage containers from overstock.com and they're very practical (and were a decent deal) but they cost me about ten times as much and have less than tenth of the character of these nice looking bowls.

    I think the end of September (before it gets too cold) when football season starts really rolling is my favorite time of year.

  2. Thanks! I'm going to keep these out all year I just love them so much….

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