Chocolate Pie

I wish I could take full credit for this delicious pie, unfortunately I can’t.  What I can do is share the recipe and what my family thought.  Yesterday, I made 2 of these pies.  One for a friend and the other for us.  In the afternoon, I delivered the pie to my friend and then headed back home.  I entered the back door and looked on the counter to find that half my chocolate pie missing!  When I started my inquisition as to who had eaten the pie, well, there was absolutely not a single sole embarrassed about what they’d done!  They owned up to it and seemed quite proud.  What in the world?  Could you not have waited until after dinner?  Evidently, not.  Well, with that, I hid the rest of the pie and quickly got dinner on the table.  Of course, I don’t know who I was fooling because as soon as dinner was over, the questions started about that pie.  So, I guess you can tell how they liked it.
This recipe is from Homesick Texan.  I love her blog, it’s one of my favorites and now so is her Grandma’s Chocolate Pie.  Just know that when you make it, you might want to think about a hiding place for it if you’ve got people in the house!
Here’s a photo of my pie when it came out of the oven.  Sorry, it’s all I’ve got…I couldn’t get to the camera quick enough when it was time to eat.  Thanks Homesick Texan, girl, us folks in North Carolina sure do love your pie…
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  1. What? No picture of the inside? That's just teasing. And mean.


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