The Huffington Post Picks A Southern Soul

I am excited to share that The Huffington Post picked my recipe as one of their “best things” you can make with yellow squash!  There are 20 great recipes in this piece and I’m honored to be included.  Thanks Huffpost Taste…you’ve made my day!
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  1. OH, wow, Donya! This is so cool! Congrats! I'd love to have some pictures on HP! Thanks for joining us at GYB today!

  2. Very cool! Congrats. Do you know how they found you? I'm here through Julie's Network party. Very good to find you. I'm a new subscriber and I'm hoping you'll take a look at my blog "Cooking On The Ranch". I live in Colorado and specialize in Western Flare fare.

    • Hey Lea Ann. Sorry for the delayed reply…life has been crazy around here. I am headed your way and can't wait to take a look at Cooking On The Ranch – it sounds good!

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