Weekend Notes

This has been a crazy week as you could probably tell by the lack of posts.  Sorry, friends!  I feel like the 4 of us have been like ships passing in the night but in the end it’s all good around here and we are so thankful that we’ve made it to Friday.  Here’s a few things that are on my weekend list…
Shopping for fall flowers and getting the deck ready for cooler weather. What great inspiration…

I made a batch of this Candy Corn Snack Mix.  Wonder how long it’s gonna last…
Tuesday night was fun with the girls at one of our favorite local restaurants, 1618 Seafood Grille.  The food there is wonderful and I have a few recipes that chef George Neal was kind enough to share, like this one for some of his special infused oils.  The basil oil is perfect with fish or chicken, the spicy infusion is delicious with pork or you could just do what we do…grab a big loaf of crusty bread and have at it!
A Southern Soul | Cheers
Have a great weekend, everyone!

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