Weekend Notes

Welcome to the weekend friends.  Our family’s had a great week and are so thankful, that’s why we are going to celebrate a little tonight.  We’ve also got a few things scheduled for Saturday and even though it’s going to be busy, there are no worries…the pantry & fridge is stocked plus a load of fire wood just got delivered for the cold that’s getting ready to hit our state.  I know y’all have lot’s going on too but to end our the week on a high note, I thought I’d share a few things from this week that I did, liked and loved.  Enjoy!
A Southern Soul | Fry Sauce
This was a VERY popular post for me this week.  I hope y’all will use this delicious sauce on sandwiches, burgers, dogs and of course for dipping!  YUM, YUM, YUM!

I saw this quote and it inspired me…
18 Daily Habits That Make Life in the Kitchen Better is a great post from The Kitchn!  There are lot’s of great ideas and several that I already do to keep my kitchen running.  After reading this post a couple of times, I have a short list of new ideas to turn into habits in my home.
And then…just for fun, I had to share this!  I think it might just be date night for me and Mr. A Southern Soul.  Have a great weekend y’all…
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