Fresh Tomato Recipes

I know it’s really, really early to be thinking about fresh tomatoes but I just couldn’t help sharing.  I’m cooking for a fund raiser this weekend and one of the ingredients that I’m using is fresh tomatoes. Friends from my local farmers market provided me with these beauties from their hot house.  Just let me say…they are delicious and are making me excited for summer!  Now that I’ve tasted a few of these beauties, my mind just started to wonder off to recipe land…
~ When you come across beautiful tomatoes, make sure you grab a bunch, roast them and then store them for soups and stews.  Here’s how – Roasted Tomatoes and Freezing Tips
Fresh Tomato Appetizer is about the easiest and best way to start off a relaxing evening.  Grab your favorite beverage, sit back and enjoy.
~If you are looking for a true Southern classic, click on this recipe for Tomato Pie .  Serve it warm from the oven or cold with a nice poached egg for breakfast.

~ Fire up your grill and serve this Heirloom Tomato Salad with steak, chicken or fish.  

And then, last but not least…this is my all time favorite.

German Johnson tomatoes on white bread with mayo, salt and pepper.  Those of you who know about tomato sandwiches, KNOW you eat this masterpiece standing over the kitchen sink!  It’s summer at it’s ABSOLUTE best…

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  1. This is great, you can never have too many tomato recipes on hand when summer comes rolling around. Those garden fresh tomatoes will be here before we know it!

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