Ok, I know there are lots of folks out there that just love a good bargain, including me. When that bargain turns out to be free almost free and it turns out to be a big help in life along with looking good then I scream SCORE!! I am a huge fan of planners and have used one for years. I feel like they’ve saved my life, not literally of course, by pulling me out of some scheduling messes.  Last week I ran across a little something new ~ a holiday planner to help with organizing Thanksgiving, Christmas and the start of the year.

I think this is a brilliant idea since there’s so much going on that it’s probably best to keep the holiday info all in one place.  There’s an added benefit to keeping a holiday planner! After this season is over, I planning on tucking my planner away until 2016 and using all of the information to help me be even more productive next year


Here are the two planners I really like ~

The one I’m using and was a FREE DOWNLOAD is from Living Well Spending Less.  This is a great blog written by Ruth Soukup.  Ruth has a gift for boiling things down into simple ways to stay organized. This planner has Thanksgiving, Christmas, calendars, timelines and gift giving sheets…LOVE!

After downloading the Holiday Planner, I looked around for something to put it in.  I found an unused Martha Stewart folder, grabbed my ring puncher and TA-DA, I was in business. I’m using the clear pockets in the back to hold coupons, big box store info and grocery flyers.  That way I’ve got everything in one place!
Last but not least, I grabbed my colored pens and a little washi tape. I am just tickled that I ran across this idea. The funny thing is, being organized helps lower my stress level! I’m also really inspired

since I’ve got one go-to place for ideas and notes.

The second planner is from the very talented Christy Jordan of Southern Plate and is a cute, personalized notebook. You could use one you already have and use her format or purchase the Christmas themed one like she has. The link to her site is here ~ Turn Any Notebook into the Ultimate Christmas Planner.
So there you have it friends, a little something to help make your holiday season a little bit merrier.
Bring on the holidays!