SkinnyPop & Wine|A Guide to Great Snacking

Whether you are settling down for movie night, binging on your favorite TV show or having friends over for a little fun, you’ve got to have snacks and wine, right?
skinny pop & wineWM
Well, I’ve got the best “no guilt” snack – SkinnyPop popcorn. This yummy popcorn comes in 6 flavors and most are under 39 calories per cup.

To help you pick just the right wine to go with your crunchy treat, SkinnyPop provided me with with lots of ideas on which flavors might go together best.
My two favorite SkinnyPop flavors are the original and the white cheddar. Of course, me, being me, I veered off the chart a little and decided my on a cool, summer Rose to go along with my snack. Whatever flavors you choose, just remember…there are no rules here, just guilt free snacking and lots of fun.
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  1. Watching your favorite movie with popcorn is really good and if you add it with wine,that is best pair. This is the best experience. Just try it,and you’ll gonna love wines more and more.

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