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Meal Plan Monday #105

Hey y’all! Welcome to another delicious edition of Meal Plan Monday! Based on last week’s most clicked recipes, y’all had a serious sweet tooth. And we’re not mad about it! This week we’re showing off those popular recipes, a recipe from our host, and a ton more delicious recipes from bloggers across the blogosphere! We just know y’all are going to find a ton of deliciousness this week!Now get ready for some fun and take a look at all of our incredible features ~ White Texas Sheet Cake – Restless Chipotle The classic Texas Sheet Cake get a delicious...

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15 Outstanding One Pot Meals

I absolutely LOVE one pot meals. Any dish that comes together basically in one pot, skillet or pan is a winner in my book. This collection of 15 one pot wonders has something for everyone, even the pickiest of eaters!If you are like me and many other cooks, trying to get dinner on the table during the week can be somewhat problematic. As a self professed meal planning addict, I need great recipes that are low stress, big on taste and I would prefer for the kitchen not to be wrecked at the end of it all. Enter in…ONE...

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Slow Cooker Irish Pot Roast

Beef roast, cooked low and slow in Guinness stout for robust flavor and mouthwatering tenderness is a dish you’ll crave any time of year. Spring may be right around the corner, but you won’t care once you’ve taken a bite of this Irish beef stew. I have several different pot roast recipes and they are all good but, I think I’ve found my pot of gold with this combination of ingredients. This past weekend, I decided to try something new, in honor of my Irishman, Mr. A Southern Soul. I had thawed a big, beautiful chuck roast and had...

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Meal Plan Monday #104

Welcome to Meal Plan Monday #104! This week’s mouthwatering recipes are sure to having you heading into the kitchen to start cooking. We’ve got rich, creamed spinach, an amazing creole pot pot with sausage and chicken, banana muffins that are sure to start your day off right and a loaded pasta salad. We are so happy that week after week, some of your favorite bloggers share their kitchen creations with us. Here at Meal Plan Monday we love sharing recipes and are passionate about helping busy families get supper on the table, night after night. If you are new here,...

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Fried Cabbage & Bacon

Simple, yet full of big, bold flavors, this fried cabbage dish is also loaded with bacon. Made with only five ingredients it’s seriously good as a side dish yet hearty enough to be served as a main course. This recipe goes by a few different names. Some call it “Southern Fried Cabbage” and others describe it as “Irish Cabbage.” Either one is fine with me but I choose to keep it simple and just call it what it is – DELICIOUS. I grew up eating a similar dish that was very simple. I think my Grandmother fried up some...

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