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Southern Style Green Beans

Fresh greens beans cooked low and slow with just a bit of smokey bacon bring back great memories of family suppers. These “southern style” green beans are a tradition in many homes and are always at covered dish suppers and church picnics. I must admit, this is not how I cook green beans most of the time. I tend to roast or sautee them because my family likes them a little bit crispy. I’m somewhat impatient thus the reason for my faster cooking methods! Having said all that, there are times you need to head back to your roots....

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Meal Plan Monday #70 ~ Marinated Fresh Vegetable Salad

New recipes from new friends is what’s happening on Meal Plan Monday! Every week, we have the pleasure of meeting new bloggers who post their recipes and we get to meet new readers who love to cook. Get ready for a great line up of features, y’all. We’ve got a fresh salad, super savory side dish, a flavor packed main dish and a retro recipe appetizer. Let’s go see who cooked what… The recipe with the most clicks last week ~ Healthy Marinated Fresh Vegetable Salad by Don’t Sweat The Recipe Two other recipes that you loved ~ Baked...

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Salami & Cream Cheese Appetizer

Savory salami, cool cream cheese mixed with herbed cheese then rolled up into a yummy appetizer ~ this is one quick, retro recipe that is always a hit when hosting friends on the spur of the moment! Entertaining doesn’t have to be stressful, especially when you’ve got an easy recipe you can whip up.I always keep a few ingredients in my fridge and pantry to have something to nibble on when friends stop by. Like these ingredients which actually do double duty so there’s no worries if I don’t use them for my roll-ups. I learned a long time ago that when...

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Meal Plan Monday #67 ~ Fresh Peach Pound Cake

Hey Y’all! We’re sure happy you’ve stopped by to visit with us. There is a whole lot of goodness going on each week with delicious recipes shared by favorite food bloggers. Inspiration for the week ahead! We’ve got an incredible pound cake from Call Me PMc, a luscious cornbread casserole from A Reinvented Mom, easy to make Tortilla roll ups from The Farmwife Cooks, creamy pasta salad from Served Up with Love, and a super yummy host feature from Julia’s Simply Southern!There were so many great bloggers who stopped by to share their recipes and we appreciate each and every...

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Meal Plan Monday #69 ~ Peach Iced Tea

Does anybody out there think that summer is going be way too fast? It seems like we just started the week off and now, here we are at Friday already! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I just like to take things low and slow in the summertime. I guess that’s why I like hanging out with so many great bloggers and readers of Meal Plan Monday, y’all know how to keep things lively without going over the top!This week’s favorite recipes are all about keeping cool, sweet treats and family favorites. Thank you to all the bloggers...

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