Greek Pasta Salad

Ok, y’all get ready because I’m going to blow your mind with my secret to making an awesome greek pasta salad. Wait for it…store bought, marinated feta cheese and olives! I know, it’s crazy right? Well, you might not think it’s mind-blowing but once you start making your salad this way, you will never go back to your old ways (he he.)greek pasta salad[Read more…]


Pizza Crescent Bites

Ugh, I mean, yippee – it’s time for mid-term exams. While this is not a time of extreme happiness for my son, he is looking forward to getting them over with, then moving on to the new semester. My guy worked really hard this past weekend, studying and putting the finishing touches on his projects. My heart went out to him and I wanted to help him get through it the best way possible. Of course, I can’t do any of the work for him but I can make sure he’s fueled up. I planned out a list of different snacks throughout the weekend, and included these warm, savory pizza bites.cheese pizza crescent bites[Read more…]


Meal Plan Monday #46

Meal Plan MondayOh my goodness, get ready to get into the kitchen because we have some mouthwatering recipes for you this week!features mpm 46

Starting out we have Tavern Sandwiches from Farm Wife Cooks along with Pizza Casserole from Little Chef Within.

tall hero chocolate chess pie

Our host’s featured recipe this week is Grandmama’s Chocolate Chess Pie from SouthernPlate. [Read more…]


Sheet Pan Hamburger Steak with Mushrooms & Onions

Over the past few months, I’ve been trying to come up with some new, enticing recipes that I could serve for dinner. This may not seem like such a daunting task but I also had a couple of bullet points that had to be checked off. Number 1 – the dish needed to be made in one pot, dish or pan. Number 2 – the recipe needed to be made and served in 45 minutes or less. So far, I’ve come up with 5 new dishes that fit the bill and now, I can add another successful recipe to the list and here it is…hamburger steaks sheet pan[Read more…]

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