This is not how I’d planned to start off my week.  Earlier today, I got the dreaded call from school – “Mom, can you come pick me up, I’m sick.”  Of course I jumped in the car and head out to pick up my boy.  Thank goodness it’s not a major case of the yucky stuff but it is enough to keep him home for 24 hours.  So, my job now is to get him comfy with warm food, something good to drink, and cozy jammies.  Here’s a few of the things I use when a cold or the flu tries to set up housekeeping around here…

Lots of citrus.
Buttered noodles with Parmesan cheese.
Hot tea (Mandarin Orange is the favorite choice) with lemon, honey and a little grated ginger.
A few friendly snacks to go with the tea.
Well, hopefully all of this will help my boy feel better.  None of them is a cure but along with a hug, a little pain relief and sleep, he should be back on his game shortly.
What are your tried and true methods for colds and flu?  I hope you’ll share!