We are into the countdown to Christmas and I know y’all are probably in the kitchen just like me!  The past week was a little crazy, getting ready for the last day of school, making cookies & Pound Cakes, wrapping & tagging each treat to make sure that everyone got a little something special for the holiday break.  This time of year can be somewhat overwhelming.  For many years, I was traveling and working right up until Christmas, so I had to develop some strategies to help me get through the craziness.  I am by nature a list maker which helps but here’s a few other things that I thought might help you out during our homestretch of baking!
A BIG help for me is to assemble everything I need on a sheet pan for each recipe that I’m going to make.  I really helps because you can quickly change from one dish to another in short order.  I also have 2 sets of measuring spoons, several 1 cup cup measuring cups (cheap purchase at a big box store) and a couple box graters and a large roll of parchment paper.
Here’s a couple of other great helpful tips that might make your last minute baking easy…
I always use OXO scoops.  They have the measurement on the side of the utensils so you always get the right scoop for the job.
Last but not least…I thought you might like this article on why dunking your cooking in milk is really a GOOD thing!
Happy Baking, friends!!

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