Everybody, most everywhere is talking about how hot it is, so I’m putting in my two cents worth!  It’s just awful!  I know it’s summer but when the temps hit 100 degrees or more, it’s just not fun anymore.  We are all scrambling to find ways to keep cool.  Here’s something that helps me and mine…Infused Water.  I don’t always drink as much water as I should so adding fruit and other goodies from the garden helps.  I keep a pitcher in the fridge filled with water, lemons and some other kind of fruit.  Be creative and change it up every couple of days…it helps keep your mind off the heat!
Infused Water  I served at the Farmers Curb Market
Frozen blackberries
Sliced peaches
~Other ideas ~
Cucumber & Basil, Blueberries, Orange and Lime, Lemon & Cilantro,
Frozen grapes

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