Hey friends!
It may seem like I’ve been “out in the weeds” this past week but that’s very far from what’s really been happening. I’ve been working non stop on several projects….

    • A total new design of A Southern Soul is on the way!  I am just beside myself with excitement and can’t wait to share it with you.
    • A new logo design is being completed and is almost ready.  My sweet, talented friend Corey has been so patient with me….bless his heart…I really mean it!
    • I’ve been cooking, testing and cooking again, so new recipes are on the way…
    • great soups for fall
    • crazy treats for Halloween
    • healthy, easy breakfast ideas
    • yummy seasonal desserts
    • several new sauces and dressing
  • A 3 part series on “Freezer Meals” that I believe will help all of us stay organized and provide our families with healthy, homemade meals.
  • Something new – GIVEAWAYS are right around the corner….Cookbooks, Magazines and cool kitchen gadgets…plus some of my favorite things!
  • I have added a “PRINT ME” button to my recipes!  It’s available on a few of the most recent ones and hopefully I’ll have all of the posted recipes updated within a few weeks.
    • a shopping list options is in the works as well!
  • And last but not least…I helped a friend organize a Bridesmaid luncheon which I think turned out quite sweet and memorable.  Best wishes Allison and David!
So, there you have it!  I am tired, giddy, excited and to be honest, feel like a little kid just waiting to share a big secret.  I love the change of seasons and with the weather getting cooler, fall is right around the corner so I believe my timing is perfect.  Don’t forget to follow me on “A Southern Soul”, Pinterest and “Like” the blog on Facebook….you don’t want to miss a thing!
Have a great weekend everyone.
A Southern Soul is counting her blessings…..

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