If you’ve been reading this blog for very long, you know what a fan I am of shopping at farmers markets.  I love wandering down the aisles, checking out locally grown produce, tasting fresh breads, cheeses and other homemade foods.  I often run into friends who have baskets full of beautiful ingredients and love to discuss how we will turn them into something special for dinner.  I have learned so much from the farmers and vendors at our market, like how to best store their fresh grown food and also, how they like to cook & serve what they grow.
I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of several fun and special events at the market was a volunteer.  The people I’ve worked with have become not only my friends but have been encouraging, supportive and some of the best cheerleaders for A Southern Soul.


So, this Saturday, I will be up early with my market basket in hand because it’s Farmers Appreciation Day!  I hope that wherever you live, I encourage you to get up and head out to your local market.  It’s the perfect time to enjoy all the wonderful flavors of summer…


Farmers Market Recipes & Tips
~ This is a great chart to help you know when your favorite produce will be in the market ~
~ Check out this link on how to store your fresh finds ~
~ How to Master Your Local Farmers Market is a helpful post if you are not used to shopping there ~
~ Fresh peaches are still available and this recipe shows off summers sweetest fruit ~
~Tomatoes are in season!  This is the easiest salsa recipe EVER ~
~ Make sure to pick up lots of fresh veggies like zucchini & onions, then head out to the grill ~
~ Last but not least, I always pick up a bouquet of fresh flowers from my favorite friends ~
Have a wonderful, tasty, beautiful weekend everyone!


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