Show Dad just how special he is with this Father’s Day Menu for 2019! This collection of easy to make recipes with appetizers, salads, grilled chicken, sweet desserts and an original drink is sure to make any guy feel like the king of the world.

Father's Day Menu for 2019 with grilled chicken, cheesy potatoes, Ambrosia, stuffed celery, lemon icebox pie, salami chips and bourbon lemonade is sure to put a smile of dad's face!

Every year, when Father’s Day comes around, I love spoiling the big man in our house. Mr. A Southern Soul works so hard, is such a great dad and a wonderful husband. The boys and I always get the yard work and chores done so that he can take things nice and easy over the weekend. Now, to some, this may seem a little old fashioned but it’s not for us. We try to honor each other, everyone in the family, in special ways. My most favorite way to do that is through cooking some of my guys favorite dishes. It’s not too hard to come up with a menu since he likes most everything I cooks, well….except for a handful of veggies that I just can’t convenience him to like.

This year, we’re starting out with two great appetizers that can be made ahead of when you’d like to serve them. The fresh tomato salad and potatoes in foil packs can also be made ahead of time so that you’re not running around trying to get everything cooked or on the table at the same time. A few weeks ago, while we were at the coast, I made this grilled chicken recipe and y’all, Mr. SS went nuts over it! To make it extra flavorful, marinade it overnight then grill it when you’re ready. When it’s time for dessert, I went all in. Sweet’s are one thing I know my guy can’t pass up so, I’ve included three in this menu. Ambrosia salad is a great accompaniment to the chicken or can be served as a dessert. I’ve also added in Lemon Icebox Pie because it’s a favorite and just to make Dad feel really special, a batch of Muddy Buddies for snack while he’s watch a little TV, reads a book or maybe even takes a nap. This is one sure fire menu guaranteed to make Father’s Day special for any great man! 

Father’s Day Menu 2019 Recipes

Celery stuffed with cream cheese, bacon, herbs and cheddar cheese are outrageously good! Served as an appetizer or snack, this is a recipe that's sure to become a favorite at parties, BBQs and family gatherings.Outrageously Good Stuffed Celery

Lemonade made extra special with basil and bourbon is a drink perfect for derby day or to sip on any time of the year!Bourbon Basil Lemonade

Salami chips are easy to make by baking just a few minutes in the oven. Then when dipped into mustard, horseradish sauce for a little something extra, you've got an appetizer that folks just can't get enough of!Baked Salami Chips with Mustard Horseradish Dip


Red potatoes flavored with ranch seasoning then cooked on the grill in foil packets are loaded with cheese for a side dish that is perfect for any cookout or BBQ!Cheesy Ranch Potato Foil Packs

marinated tomatoes in a fresh herbal dressingMarinated Tomatoes

Sweet Heat BBQ Chicken made with your favorite BBQ sauce, Italian dressing, honey and red pepper flakes then grilled to perfection is a dish you'll make over and over again!Sweet Heat BBQ Chicken


Ambrosia salad made with oranges, cherries, pineapple and marshmallows is tossed in a light fluffy mixture of fresh whipped cream with a touch of sour cream for extra flavor.Ambrosia Salad

Lemon Icebox Pie is a classic dessert that's super easy to make. Lemon Jello, Cool Whip and a store bought pie crust, you can make this delicious pie in no time.Classic Lemon Icebox Pie

Classic Muddy Buddies are a "must make" during the holidays. Also know as Puppy Chow, this sweet crunchy treat is a treat loved by kids of all ages!Muddy Buddies


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