Feeding A Crowd With Amazon. Plates, utensils, serving pieces, napkins, slow cookers and containers are helpful tools that make entertaining easy.

Whether it’s game day, a neighborhood get-together, church covered dish or a party, I know how to feed a crowd! Over the years, I’ve fed so many people that I’ve lost count. I love having a house full of people over for appetizers and drinks, cookouts and dinners. 

Sharing my gift of hospitality comes easy for me but for some folks, it can be quite intimidating.  There are a few secrets to successful entertaining and one of them is to invest in serving and buffet pieces that you can depend on. I’ve turned to Amazon for my top 10 items when it comes time to feed a crowd. They are budget-friendly, stylish along with being dependable. 

One | Clear Wine Glasses |  These clear, unbreakable glasses are perfect for wine, cocktails, water, juice, and desserts. They are shatterproof which makes then handy for using outdoors. I’ve used them for over a year now and the great thing is, if you do break one, they’re recyclable.

Two | Wooden Cutlery Set | This set of 200 pieces includes forks, knives, and spoons. They’re sturdy, smooth and look great. This set is a great alternative to plastic since all pieces are made from natural wood and recyclable.

Three | Serving Utensils | I’ve used every one of these serving pieces over the past year! Whether you’re dishing up pasta, salad or slicing cake, these pieces are a must when you’re feeding a crowd. I love their plain design and the fact that they are dishwasher safe.

Four | Large Slow Cooker | If you’re serving up a big batch of chili, or pot of soup, this is the slow cooker for you! It’s extra-large, 10-quart capacity holds a ton of food. I love that it has a locking lid and a setting for warm which is great for buffets. 

Five | Copper Bowls | Here’s one of my best secrets to entertaining. These bowls! Not only are they pretty when used on a buffet table or dinner table but they also have airtight lids. I make my salads and side dishes, store them in these bowls and when it’s time to serve, just pop off the lid! They’re useful and chic all at the same time!

Six | Plates | This set of 20 dinner plates and 20 salad plates is indispensable when it come times to feed a bunch of folks. There are times when I don’t want to use paper plates and I want everything to match. That’s where these plates come in. They are pretty plus easy to care for since they are dishwasher safe.

Seven | Slow Cooker Buffet Server | The three separate inserts, each with individual heat control, makes preparing multiple dishes a breeze. This buffet server saves me from running back and forth to the kitchen to heat up food, which I love. It’s the perfect thing for game day when you’re serving nachos, chili, and tacos!

Eight | Paper Napkins | Even when I use paper napkins, I still want them to look pretty. They also need to be durable, soft and absorbent. These are my go-to paper napkins for Sunday suppers, family dinners, outdoor entertaining and when I’m feeding a crowd. 

Nine | Tablecloth |  I don’t always use a tablecloth but when I do, this is the one. I use white table cloths (this one comes in lots of colors) to cover large, sometimes not so pretty tables. This table cloth is stain resistant and washes beautifully. 

Ten | Chafing Dishes | I don’t know what I’d do without this set of chafing dishes. I’ve used them so many times for cookouts and parties. I keep a stock of the half food pans and fuel burners on hand so that whenever I want to have folks over, I’m ready!


Recipes To Feed A Crowd

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