No matter how well you think you are prepared, when the power goes out, it’s just down right unnerving.  We’ve had 2 days of ups and downs with outages in our neighborhood…dang it!  By late Wednesday afternoon, the power was restored and I am so thankful we didn’t lose any food from our refrigerators and freezers!  Still, I was a little concerned about what was really happening with our food during the 3 hours that the power was out, so I did a little research.  Friends, I hope y’all don’t have to deal with this kinda stress but if you do, here’s some information that you might find helpful…
A Southern Soul
Here is a helpful link from Food
A Southern Soul
Check out this link from Frugal Living on how to keep foods safe during a power outage.
A Southern soul
Hopefully, we won’t have to deal with any more outages for a while but if we do…I’m prepared!  Better safe than sorry, right?

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