On October 29th, a beautiful fall day in Durham, NC, friends and family gathered to celebrate the life of Dr. Thomas Orsagh.  Tom’s son, Rolf, is one of Rob’s dearest friends.  Rob and Rolf met at Guilford College became roommates and are kindred spirits. Rolf was a groomsman in our wedding and Rob was honored to be Rolf’s best man when he married Cynthia.  Along the way, I got the opportunity become friends with Tom and Polly, Rolf’s mother.  Tom was smart, funny, loving, patient, kind and gracious.  He was curious and loved life.  So, on that beautiful fall day a few weeks ago, it was fitting that our family go to honor our friend.
Rolf, Rob, Sibley, Fred and Sharon…the real Guilford College Graduates
Later on in the afternoon, friends gathered at Tom’s farm.  Rolf told us his dad had insisted that he throw a party with food and wine so that everyone could share stories and laughter.  Well, that’s exactly what happened plus something wonderful and unexpected.  Special friends from Guilford College plus others that were added along the way showed up.  We hugged, smiled, laughed…especially at Rob’s shaved head, and hugged some more.
Katie, Paul, Rolf, Cynthia, Rob, Me, Fred, Sharon
We remembered events and stories of years ago…..well, actually one person would start the story, someone would say, “really, I don’t remember that” and then someone else would add in details.  IT WAS GREAT!  There were times when I would hear someone laugh, like Fred, and it seemed like we were back at Storybrook Farms having dinner.  His laugh has not changed a bit.  Katie and Paul would finish each other sentences and then there’s Sibley…witty, crazy and still the same.
Guilford men with their men – Awesome!
The strange, but really special thing was introducing our children to each other and TRYING to describe who was who and how we all knew each other.
Mason, Rolf, Henry, Creed, Rob, Hunter, Fred, John
Maybe the comment from Creed sums it up best….he said on the way home that night “WOW mom and dad, you and your friends started talking and laughing like you’d just left each other last weekend.”  It was like that and it felt so good.  Of course, I cried and Rob just nodded in agreement.
We celebrated a life and renewed old friendships.  Thank you, Tom, you threw a great party.
Counting my blessings,

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