The past 4 days have been great!  We’ve been in Asheville, headed south to Chimney Rock and finally west to Cashiers and have been having such a special time with Mr. A Southern Soul’s Aunt and Uncle.  There has been lot’s of hiking and picture taking…and then of course, there’s the eating part of the trip….
At the top of Whiteside Mountain.
Elevation at the top of Whiteside!  Whoa…..
The boys at the top of Exclamation Point, Chimney Rock State Park – elevation 2480′
The view from the Skyline Trail onto Chimney Rock…awesome.

OK, now it’s time for a break!  One of the interesting things about these past few days has been the discussions and experiments regarding cooking at such a high altitude – elevation at the house is 3886 feet.  Aunt and Uncle spend a lot of time at their house in NC to escape the heat from another Southern state and with Aunt being such a fabulous cook…no kidding – we had to figure out a couple of things.

  • Water boils at a lower temperature.
  • Keep the lid on when cooking something on the stove.
  • Recipe cooking times will take longer once you get above 3000 feet so you’ll need to make some adjustments.

We found a great web link that gives some very helpful information.  So, if you are headed “up”, check out this site, …it will save you lots of frustration and maybe some ruined dishes!   Oh, and, thanks Betty Crocker, you still got it.

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