One of the very first signs of spring that show up in my yard every year are little tips of hosta shooting up through the cold ground. When this happens, I start to smile because I know that something beautiful is on the way. The big, lush green leaves bring me such happiness for a number of and white Hosta with big leafThe first reason is the color green which I absolutely love. I think it’s inspiring and makes me feel hopeful for good things to come. Every morning, I get to sit at my desk, sip my coffee while looking out my window and enjoy this awesome site. elephant leaf green HostaI also love hosta because they are very easy to care for. I like to putter around in my yard and do a little gardening so these plants are just “my speed” since they don’t really require much maintenance. Hosta thrives in the shade, which I have plenty of, but can take some sun. Also, they can be split, so that you’ve got plants to add to your landscape or give to a friend. green white tip HostaThere is one down side with hosta…slugs love them and I’m sure you can guess how I feel about slugs. To handle this issue, you can sprinkle a line of sand around each plant or use crushed egg shells to keep those slow movers away. single leaf green HostaProbably last but certainly not least, why I love host is that I can use them in my flower arrangements. I just snip off a large leaf or two and add it to some store bought flowers. Again, it’s hard not to be inspired by the beautiful, vibrant color and interesting texture of each leaf.

So, that’s my short list of why I love hosta and just in case you need a little help, here are a few great links to give you some tips on how to grow and maintain hosta ~

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