I love a big, hot cup of coffee but when the weather turns warm, I gotta go COLD!  I love iced coffee and have it stocked in my fridge ready to goevery morning.  Here’s how I make my cold cup of joe along with several other recipes and ideas for serving iced coffee…
My iced coffee recipe for the perfect combination of java and vanilla is here.
This idea is so simple and it packs a punch!  Coffee Iced Cubes with a little condensed milk.
Coffee, vanilla and ice cream?  Oh, yes please…thanks Barefoot Contessa for the recipe.


I love this idea for an Iced Coffee Bar!  I think Celebrations at Home got this one just right…
For me, there is happiness in that cup, mug, tumbler or glass filled with delicious dark coffee.  When you add a few extra special things…well then, I turn into that person who can make everyone else happy!

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