Meal Plan Monday

Hey Friends! We have an AMAZING lineup of recipes for you this week so grab a glass of iced tea, pull up a chair, and settle in for a delicious scrolling adventure!meal plan monday 103, recipes, recipe, meal planning, meal planWe are so happy that week after week, some of your favorite bloggers share their kitchen creations with us. Here at Meal Plan Monday we love sharing recipes and are passionate about helping busy families get supper on the table, night after night. If you are new here, please take a few minutes to look around. Scroll down to see all our featured dishes and click on the link below the photo to get the full recipe. Then, make sure you check out all the smaller photos of recipes that bloggers are sharing this week!

Leading our lineup this week is this wonderful Sunday Dinner from Living on Cloud Nine featuring Chicken Eugene and Crock Pot Texas Potatoes

Next up we have another slow cooker recipe, It’s A Reinvented Mom’s take on Mississippi Pot Roast

And for a brunch or breakfast idea, these Easy Pancakes by The Speedy Spatula are sure to please!

And this week’s Host feature is:

Wind Cake from Southern Plate

A nostalgic blast from the past, straight from my Grandmother’s recipe box!

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