Meal Plan MondayWelcome back friends who like to cook, friends who like to eat, and friends who just read the blogs and live vicariously through us but still have clean kitchens! No matter where you fit in, we’re tickled to have you here! This week’s edition of Meal Plan Monday begins to bring warmer flavors into our kitchens as Fall approaches. We know you’ll find recipes to inspire you and at least a few new favorites to add to your regular rotation.

Meal Plan Monday 79

We would like to add that if you are in the areas of the wildfires, flooding, or hurricanes, our hearts and prayers are with you. We are sending positive thoughts that you and your families will be safe and come through these adversities with as little loss as possible. 

We have some wonderful recipes for you this week so lets start with some popular ones from last week:

Baked Spaghetti from Mom Loves Baking

Crock Pot Low Carb Lasagna Soup from Beyer Beware

Cream Cheese Pound Cake from Chaos 2 Peace

Our featured host recipe is: Coca Cola Cake from SouthernPlate

Coca Cola Cake from SouthernPlate

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