Thank goodness we had Monday off!  It was great to be with the boys, just hanging out with no set schedule.  Of course they had a few things they were interested in doing which gave me time to wrap my head around all that’s coming up.  So, with my favorite pen, planner and laptop, I got myself ready to attack the week. I am confessing right now….I am a list maker and LOVE IT! I know it irritates many, but too bad, it makes me happy.  This week is really, really busy especial for me so hopefully my plan will work!

Wednesday is going to be a bittersweet day because it’s the last class of Cooking With A Southern Soul.  It’s all about “Crazy for Cookie Dough” and I can’t wait to see my girls.  I have had such a great time and learned so much during my new venture, not just about food but about myself as well. This week will be a little different – we are holding the class at “the homestead” and I’ve got some surprises planned for my precious students!

Me and Barbie~Date Unknown!

Thursday is clean up and get ready for ROUND 2!  We have some very special friends coming in for the weekend and yep, they are staying here, no problem, right?  Dan, Barbie and Dani will arrive on Friday and we’ll start wedding celebrations for Dan’s daughter, Kori who is getting married next month.  I am honored that I’ve been hired to provide some “Southern Soul” food, party planning and guest gifts (50 of them!) for the Bridal Shower on Saturday.  I can’t wait to see my friends and don’t even get me started about how much I love the Bride!

End of Week – fluff the house, make sure landscaping is looking good and that the pantry & bar are stocked. Most importantly, enjoy each moment and make some new memories.

Game Plan for Dinners ~
  • Tuesday – Homemade Chili with toppings, Cornbread
  • Wednesday – The boys go out…..I’ve got people coming over!
  • Thursday – Chicken Pie, Fruit Salad
  • Friday – BBQ Shrimp and Grilled Fish, “my grits”, roasted veggies (whatever looks good the Wednesday Farmers Market)

It’s going to be a great week and a special weekend.  Recipes will be coming shortly….after a nap or two!

Counting my blessing for family, new adventures and good friends,

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