midweek menu#4 This week’s menu is all about easy to make recipes that bring loads of comfort to hungry folks! Our current situation…SNOW. We also have low temps so there’s no school and everyone is advised to stay inside until the weather clears. I really enjoy days like this because things move at a slower pace. I love watching my dogs romp in the snow and it’s nice to have a little more time with my son since there’s really no need to leave the house. I decided on this menu because most all of the ingredients are simple pantry goods along with items you probably have in your fridge. If you are like me, when I get to the middle of the week, I like for things to be stress free and easy. Most often I pull together meals with tried and true recipes that I know my family will love. The three main recipes this week, beef & bean soup, salad and cheese biscuits are all dishes I can pretty much make with my eyes closed. All I’ve added is a sweet and savory treat to show my guys some extra love!


Beef & Bean Slow Cooker Soup

Salad With My Favorite Vinaigrette

Cheddar Cheese Biscuits

Valentines Pretzel Rods 

Make sure you keep up with all of the special dishes your family loves. I’ve put together this helpful FREE PRINTABLE so that you can record the recipes that bring joy to your table.

family favorite meals printable


midweek menu #4

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