midweek menu #11 with pulled pork sliders, blue cheese cole slaw, glazed carrots and fruity krispy treats in white chocolateMidweek Menu #11 is full of happy food! I know that may sound crazy but with this line up of pulled pork sliders, blue cheese cole slaw, roasted glazed carrots and fruity krispy treats dipped in white chocolate, well…I think this is one cheerful meal.

Now, the fact of the matter is, life can be a bit of a drag sometimes but I think we push through and overcome those times. If you’ve been around A Southern Soul very long, you know what an optimistic person I am. I am very thankful that most of that comes naturally and what doesn’t, I owe to the teachings of my mother. I was raised to always, ALWAYS look toward the positive things in life. My Mother always had a good attitude, even when things were not going so well. She was strong, smart and knew that when things were “a drag” that with focus, prayer and the right kind of outlook, life would, not could get better. She was always upbeat and fun. Maybe that’s why even around the supper table, I try to make sure that there’s sharing about something good that happened during the day along with a funny story that will get everyone laughing.

Along with setting the right tone at the supper table, I believe that we should serve our family food they’ll enjoy. That’s why this week, I’ve put together a menu that everyone can take a little pleasure from and just sit back and feel loved on!

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Pulled Pork Sliders

Blue Cheese Cole Slaw

Roasted Carrots with Honey & Lemon

White Chocolate Dipped Krispy Treats

midweek menu#11 with pulled pork sliders, blue cheese cole slaw, roasted honey carrots and white chocolate krispys

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Things You Might Need To Help You Get This Meal On The Table

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