Midweek Menu #72 has four easy to make recipes for meal planning success! Don’t let a busy week get you distracted. Getting a great homecooked meal on the table for your family is easier than you think with Midweek Menu.

This week’s menu is super delicious and fun! Yep, meal planning, cooking and sitting down with your family around the supper table can be fun. Midweek Menu #73 has four simple recipes that all can be made ahead of time so that you can enjoy time with your loved ones instead of standing over a hot stove at the end of a busy day.

We’re starting off with a fresh salad tossed with homemade dressing. Now, you can use the bottled stuff but there’s nothing quite like a simple vinaigrette to bring out the best flavors of fresh greens. Our main dish is a “mash-up” of two family favorite dishes – tacos and spaghetti. Taco Spaghetti is a crazy good casserole that can be made ahead of time or frozen until you’re ready to enjoy it. To kick the casserole and salad into high gear, top them with Pickled Sweet Peppers and Onions. Finish off the meal with a no-bake dessert that has a taste of the topics. Coconut Cream Pie in Jars is a delightful way to add some sweetness to the meal. Now, it’s time to get cooking!

Midweek Menu #72 Recipes: Click on the title for the ingredient list and cooking instructions with a printable recipe card included.

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