Four, easy to make recipes that are guaranteed to make your family smile are here on Midweek Menu #83! Take charge of suppertime and show your busy schedule who’s boss with a homecooked meal and a fun time around the table.


During a hectic week, it’s easy to let meal time with your family slip to the last item on a to-do list. I admit that when my boys were little and I was traveling, some nights all I wanted to do was to hit the drive-thru and call it a day. The thing is, I love sitting down at the table with my people. Over time, I built a list of simple recipes that I could turn into a menu that everyone would love. Now, with my little piece of the internet, I get to share them all with you!

If you’re new to A Southern Soul, welcome! Each week I share a menu plan that’s easy to prepare and great for any night of the week. Midweek Menu is a wonderful place to start learning about meal planning, meal prep, and easy entertaining. You can click here to check out all of the weekly menus. You can also click here to go to the Midweek Menu Pinterest board for the whole collection. My goal each Wednesday is to help you get yummy recipes on the table without a lot of fuss or time spent in the kitchen. 

Now, let’s check out what’s cooking this week.

Midweek Menu #83 - Ham & Cheese Strata

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Want to finish off your meal with a little something extra special? Grab this recipe for homemade Creme Brulee Coffee Creamer to enjoy with your Cherry Pies.

Creme Brulee Coffee Creamer made with 4 ingredients makes the best cup of coffee! Made with evaporated milk, brown sugar, half and half and vanilla.

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