midweek menu, menu, breakfast for dinner, eggs, bacon, fruit salad, meal planning, danishBreakfast for dinner is one of our favorite meals! Some people have great names for this meal like “Brinner” or what my oldest son calls “Night Breakfast.” Often times, mornings can be hectic so enjoying your favorite breakfast dishes during the evening is actually quite fun. There’s time to linger around the table, savoring every bite of quiche or scrambled eggs, swapping stories about what happened during the day and loving every sip of coffee. This might be one of the easiest ways to get your loved ones around the supper table!

The menu this week is all about breakfast dishes but feel free to make them any time of the day. They include a frittata, which you can customize with any of your favorite ingredients. My “semi-famous” fruit salad can also be made to your liking with any kind of fruit. I added in a “how-to” recipe just to help you cut out the stress and mess of cooking bacon in a skillet. Once you cook bacon in the oven, you’ll never make it any other way. Last, but certainly, not least, is a super easy to make sweet treat – cream cheese danish made with crescent rolls. This danish ring goes quickly, so you might want to make two…I always do.

To get this menu on the table for your family and maybe a few friends, click on the links below and make sure you check out the “meal prep” strategies to help you make it happen!

Sausage and Cheese Frittata

How-To Cook Bacon In The Oven

Fruit Salad For A Crowd

Crescent Roll Cream Cheese Danish

Don’t forget to use this helpful printables for grocery shopping and meal planning!weekly meal plannera southern soul meal plan grocery list

Things You Might Need To Help You Get This Meal On The Table

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midweek menu, breakfast for dinner, eggs, bacon, sausage, fruit salad, cream cheese danish, recipe, meal planning

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