Midweek Menu is throwing in a twist this week with a collection of slow cooker recipes that are easy to make with simple, fresh ingredients and they’re excellent to serve year round.

10 Crock Pot recipes that are excellent to serve any night of the week for menu planning.

This week it’s all about the slow cooker. I often get request for recipes made in the crock so I decided that to give you a round up of my favorites. We’ve got main dishes, a drink, side dish and appetizers that are proven winners.

The benefits of using a slow cooker ~

If you’re a veteran crock pot user, congratulations!  But, if you’re not sure about the slow cooker or will you be successful using it, I’ve got a few reasons you should jump right in. I’ve been using mine for years and it’s been a life saver for getting a delicious meal on the table more times than I can count.

  • You get to set it and forget it!
    • Most slow cooker recipes are so easy to make because you just load the cooker with your ingredients, set it to low or high, adjust the time and GO. It’s that simple. Some recipes may require that you sear your meat prior to cooking, so that your dish will turn out with the best results possible. Other than that, things really are, set it and forget it.
  • You get to leave your house while your dish cooks!
    • We’re all busy and this benefit might just be my favorite. I really appreciate the fact that I can load up my crock pot with all my ingredients, then head out to tackle the day. You can also cook your dish over night if needed, but it’s going to be hard to resist once you wake up in the morning.
  • You don’t have to wash a ton of dishes!
    • One pot meals are super easy for “after supper cleanup duty” which is always a plus in my house.
  • You can turn inexpensive cuts of meat into something outstanding!
    • This is what I call a “cheap and cheerful” benefit of using a crock pot. I don’t know how many times I’ve purchased an inexpensive or on sale piece of meat and turned it into something spectacular with the help of my slow cooker. This method of cooking produces deep, rich flavors along with amazing sauce and gravy.

Crock Pot Recipes Perfect for Midweek Menus

Crock Pot video collage MM

Corned Beef Reuben Sliders

little smokiesSweet and Tangy Little Smokies

Mulled Apple Cider

Beef and Bean Soup

Enjoy this easy to make recipe on sandwiches, in dips or whenever you're looking to amp up the flavor of a baked potato. Buffalo Chicken cooked low and slow in the crock pot is a recipe with so many uses!Buffalo Chicken

13 Family Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dishes that will have everyone running to the table!Creamed Corn


Taco Soup

Busy Day Pot Roast

crock pot apple butterApple Butter

Lemon Chicken

Make sure you keep up with all your family’s FAVORITE meals! Download and print this helpful planner sheet so that you can record the recipes that your loved ones ask for time and time again.

family favorite meals printable


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10 Crock Pot recipes that are excellent to serve any night of the week for menu planning.

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