Yes, it’s finally here…planting time!  I always have two or three large pots on my back porch that contain herbs.  I love cooking with fresh, seasonal food and herbs make all the difference.  Yesterday, I picked up these small pots of three of my favorites ~ chives, rosemary and basil and can’t wait to get them settled in their new home.
I thought you might like a few other ideas, links and photos about herbs, so enjoy!
1.  This is a GREAT link for anyone planting herbs ~ Mistakes new gardeners make planting herbs.
2.  I LOVE this photo of herbs planted in an urn.
3.  Need to know how to grow ANY herb?  Here’s a site that has it all.
4.  For some old school advice…The Farmers Almanac gives great information on when to plant, forecasts and gardening tips.
5.  Here’s one of my pots that includes parsley and thyme.  My link also gives some tips for growing lettuce in containers.
6.  Don’t forget to mark your plantings.  Here’s my inspiration this year, so I’m grabbing some river rocks and a paint pen.  Happy, delicious times are right around the corner…
Happy Earth Day everyone ~ let’s get planting!

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