Yes, it’s still hot and the humidity is making my hair do REALLY, REALLY crazy things but that’s a story best saved for later!  So, anyway, even though it’s kinda late, I decided to share what we had for dinner tonight.  Roasted chicken sandwiches on toasted buns with broccoli slaw, tomatoes and onion.  I actually roasted the chicken on the grill this morning cause I wanted to keep my kitchen cool.  After that bird got it’s lovely suntan, I let him rest then put him in the fridge.  I made some “southern slaw” with a bagged broccoli mix then sliced some maters and onions. Mercy day, we were headed to the mountain top!  Oh, there was one more little thing…as you can see, there was that lovely, crunchy side of okra with a little hot sauce.  Summertime goodies along with a nice cool kitchen…ahhh.

Chicken with garlic, lemon and rosemary roasted on the grill.
Perfect every time! Details on the way….
Roasted chicken sandwiches with broccoli slaw, tomatoes and onion with a side of fried okra, I LOVE it!


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