School is in full swing and things are settling down just a little around here.  It’s a big year for us since my oldest is a senior in high school…sniff, sniff.  One of the cool things about being at the “top of the food chain” is that seniors get to go off campus for lunch.  It’s been a tradition at our school to host lunches for a group of kids who are friends.  So, the mom’s got together, made a couple of test runs and it looks like things are coming together beautifully!  With a group of 6 for lunch, we have a two week rotation set up and the kids go out on Monday’s & Friday’s.  Each family picks a day that works for them and a theme if they want and we each cook every other week.  These lunches are fast & fun with lot’s of laughter – I love it!
I’ve made a Senior Lunch folder that contains lots of great food and recipes that I can prepare throughout this year.  I also have a Pinterest Board with lots of yummy food so don’t forget to Follow Me there to get even more great recipes.
Here’s just a small sample of things that will be on the menu…
I hope this inspires you all to do a little something different for lunch time even if you don’t have a house full of teenagers.  And if you ever had any question whether or not they get hungry during the day, well, take a look…on day one they didn’t even take time to close the doors when they got to the house!
Cheers to the Class of 2014!


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