No really….I’m not kidding!!  Does this sound slightly like
“Yes teacher, the dog really did eat my homework!”
So, this morning, I was on the sunporch, in my favorite chair with my very comfy lap desk and computer just having a big ol time writing, researching & enjoying the ME time.
I got up to get another cup of coffee and came back to this….
I knew exactly who the culprit was, so I went searching and found this…
Pepper, Pepper, Pepper!  Pulling the covers over your head and acting like nothing happened is NOT GOING TO HELP MATTERS, especially in my fleshly made bed.
Yes, I know I’d left the VERY SMALL disk on the side of my computer but I was only gone for 3 minutes!  You don’t even want to know how many ugly words were trying to jump out of my mouth and of course, I was trying to remember all of the photos on that disk, oh, oh, oh.  I was all geared up to post about about a new soup I’d made this week and was so happy to share because of how well it turned out.
 Well, here’s the crazy thing…the boys get home from school and I show them the damage, share my story and all I get is this –
“sorry Mom, I guess you’ll just have to make more soup”….really?
Just kidding, of course I’ll make more soup and take more pics because who can resist this…
If you look really close, you can see a “slight” tear in her eye and she really is sorry – at least for today.


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