Lately I’ve been getting quite a few questions about grilling.  You already know how much I LOVE to grill and have gotten pretty good at it.  It does take practice but it also takes the right tools.  I hope this post will start you off on the right path for a great grilling season!
  • The first step is to check out your grill if you’ve not used it over the winter.  I’ve replaced the “flavor bars” and given the whole grill an overall cleaning.  If you’ve not done that yet, here are 2 great links to help you out ~ From Gross to Gorgeous and grill cleaning From Real Simple.
  • This grill cleaner from Grill Daddy is awesome!  It takes a beating at my house but still keeps my grill clean and free of cooked on food.  You can buy different versions of this tool but mine in stainless steel and came from Williams Sonoma.

A Southern Soul | Williams Sonoma Photo

  • A great way to cook shrimp, shellfish and veggies, this Non Stick Grill Basket from Sur La Table is the way to go.  The boys gave me this as surprise recently and I love it!
You can take the top of the basket off and use it as one grill accessory.  That’s what I did when I cooked these delicious roasted green beans.  Just add a drizzle of olive oil, parmesan cheese, salt & pepper and you’ll have a dish that is out of this world!
  • Of course you need some great tools to move your food from platters to the grill.  You also need to be able to flip steaks, burgers and other foods.  I’ve had this BBQ Turner from the Pampered Chef for years and it is a rock star utensil.  It’s a little large but gives me a sense of security with a long handle when dealing with large pieces of food.  It also has a built in fork, knife and bottle opener!
  • If you are new to grilling, get yourself a copy of this cookbook!  You might have seen Steven Raichlen on his wonderful grilling show from PBS.  He gives you step advice on getting started with different types of grills and basic preparations.  There are also over 450 pages of recipes with great photographs.  It’s my grilling “go-to” in my cookbook library.
I hope these items and ideas get you going for spring and summer grilling.  I’ll be sharing many more tips and recipes in the upcoming weeks.  As alway, send me your questions or tips that you use when cooking outside.  It’s going to be a great summer so head outdoors and fire up the grill!

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