I’ve been using essential oils for years, for many different reasons but have never used them for cleaning until a couple of months ago. Now, here’s the thing…there’s always something going on in my kitchen, which means there’s a lot of cleaning to be done. I also have pets and then of course, there’s the people who make messes from time so when I purchased my first bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner, I had very high expectations because of how much I love Thieves essential oil. I am very, very happy to report…this cleaner delivered and has actually exceeded my expectations! It may be hard to believe but Thieves Household Cleaner is truly an all in one cleaner with an added benefit of being non-toxic.thieves household cleaner, essential oils, young living

What I love about Thieves all purpose cleaner, is that it is made from 100% plant based and mineral ingredients, and it’s environmentally friendly plus biodegradable. It contains thieves and lemon essential oils, which are both excellent for natural cleaning. Thieves Household Cleaner comes in a concentrated form so that you have the flexibility to mix it up depending on what your needs are. Here’s how I use it ~

  • Regular all-purpose cleaning: 1 part Thieves (1 cap full) to 30 parts water(about 3 cups.)
  • Heavy duty cleaning and de-greasing: 1 part Thieves to 15 parts water.
  • Glass, windows an light cleaning: 1 part Thieves to 60 parts water.

I use a 30oz. spray bottle to hold my cleaning mixture. Since Thieves comes in a 64oz bottle, the breakdown comes to about 128 bottles of all natural cleaner at about 88 cents each. I’ve never purchased an all natural cleaner for any where close to that price and never one that’s as effective as Thieves.young living, essential oils, thieves household cleaner

The cleaning power of Thieves stands on it’s own and so does the fact that it’s economical but those two reasons are are not the main reason for my purchase. I wanted a product that would be safe around my family, pets and food from a company that I trust. Using so many products that are full of hard chemicals was just not working for me and I was passionate about finding a better way to clean. Thieves from Young Living Esssential Oils has proven time and time again that I made the right choice. To find out more about Thieves Household Cleaner and to try it for yourself, click here.

Don’t forget, friends, you can also take advantage of another awesome bonus with a wholesale membership and purchase of the starter kit. That way you’ll always get the highest discount of 24% on all Young Living essential oils and other products such as non toxic cleaning supplies, amazing beauty products plus lots of other perks.


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