I am sure you all are just like me and have been waiting for the first day of spring.  Even though I know deep down that we’ve got quite a few days of cold weather yet to experience, I don’t care!  There’s just something about knowing that the calendar has changed and the Vernal Equinox has arrived…it makes me happy.  Anticipating this good feeling, last weekend I hit the famers market and bought red leaf lettuce and a few herbs.  I love, love having my herb pots outside my kitchen door and now with the addition of lettuce, I am set for spring!  I hope you’ve had a chance to get out and start a few spring projects.  Here’s a couple of things I’ve got going on along with some great links, ideas and helpful hints.

My big bowl full of red leaf lettuce.  Great sun and the perfect pot for drainage.  The more you cut, the more you get.
Here is a great link to growing lettuce.  Following this method, there is really no need to buy lettuce at the store!
Flat leaf or Italian Parsley along with Tyme are two of my kitchen favorites.  I also have chives – they are a little small right now, and rosemary which thankfully made it through the winter.  With a little TLC, she’ll be growing strong soon.


I love this information on herbs.  Even thought the print is somewhat small here, just click on the link and you’ll get lots of great information on these great cooking herbs.


Here’s a couple of other links that you might find helpful when planing herbs and lettuces.



http://www.southernliving.com/general/gardening Whether in pots or in beds, it’s always great to grow your own fresh beautiful ingredients.

Counting my blessings on this first day of spring…

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