It’s cold and rainy here in NC today and the weather has got me scrambling. I’m pulling in the new plants that I purchased this past week – when the temps were in the 70’s – because I am so scared they’ll get nipped by the cold blast that is headed our way.
Planting spring flowers | A Southern Soul
I decided to trust my instincts about bringing in my pretty, spring friends but decided to do a little research to just make sure I had my act together. If you are  curious about what to do with your spring/summer flowers, building some beautiful container gardens or just want to know a little more about flowering plants, here’s a few helpful links I’m sharing to help you out.
A great link for instructions on container planting, potting soil and seasonal plants is here.
When and how to move your houseplants outside from HGTV.
I have a small area in my shady back yard where I’ve planted ferns. This link is very helpful and I can’t wait to expand my fern garden and add a couple of new varieties.
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