When it’s time to take down the Christmas decorations, you’ve got to have a good plan for storage. Packing up things in an organized way makes things go much easier next year. It’s kinda like camping – the better you pack up, the better you set up, right?

One of my favorite things to use for decorating is wire LED lights. I love the small, twinkling glow they give off, all the while not showing how they are connected. This year I used several different strings of lights around my home. They were different lengths, some using batteries and some plug-ins. wire light storageNow, it’s almost time to take down all my pretty lights and I want to make sure they stay in excellent working condition until I use them again. I store my lights 2 ways. For the longer strands, I gently wind them on an empty, clean can. After wrapping the lights around the outside, I store the cord on the inside of the can for safe keeping. For the shorter lengths, I use an empty TP or paper towel roll. Again, just wrap the lights around the roll then put the roll and the battery box in a zip top bag for safe keeping. Make sure you take the batteries out of the box so they do not corrode during storage.

Hope this organization tip helps you out, friends. Always, always, let your little light shine!

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