Crispy, crunchy with a smokey, slightly salty flavor, yeah…I’m talking about bacon. It’ SO GOOD on it’s own and the star of many breakfast dishes. Then of course, there’s the famous BLT sandwich which is on my top 5 ways to eat bacon. The thing is, bacon can be a pain to cook and a mess to clean up. That’s why we are breaking old habits and starting new ones by cooking bacon in the oven!

oven cooked bacon

I’ve been cooking bacon in the oven for several years now. Once I figured out how to do it, it was almost a life changing experience! I’d always hated “babysitting” the pan of bacon so that I could get just the right amount of crispness without burning it. It was also frustrating that I could only cook a few slices at a time since my pan was round and hello, bacon is not. Probably the biggest headache for me and other folks is the clean-up. Nobody likes the splatters of grease on your stove top and the energy it takes to scrub a skillet.

Thankfully, a sheet pan and parchment paper are all that’s needed to make a beautiful batch of bacon. This simple method works perfectly every time and let’s you decide just how done you’d like your strips of bacon. I cook mine for about 16-17 minutes for just the right amount of crunch. During the holidays or when we’re entertaining, I cook 2 batches at a time since all I need to do is increase the cooking time. how to cook bacon in the oven

Once you’ve mastered this method, which is going to take you about 16 to 17 minutes, you’ll never go back to the old ways again! A couple of tips to ensure success – place the bacon on paper towels to drain after cooking and remove the parchment paper with grease drippings to the trash asap.

Now that you know how to cook bacon in the oven, you might just enjoy a bit of the “divine swine” a little more often. Oink!

oven cooked bacon on parchment


oven cooked bacon on parchment

How To Cook Bacon In The Oven

The BEST way to cook bacon that is crispy and turns out perfect every time with almost zero cleanup is in the oven!
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Course: Breakfast, Extras
Cuisine: American
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 21 minutes
Servings: 8
Author: Donya |


  • 1 pound bacon
  • *black pepper if desired


  • Heat oven to 400 degrees.
  • Line a sheet pan with parchment paper. Lay 1/2 pound of bacon strips on parchment. Place in oven to cook. Check at 10 minute mark. Continue to cook for 6 to 7 additional minutes or until desired crispness.
  • Remove bacon strips to paper towel to drain.
  • Discard parchment paper with bacon grease and repeat process with other 1/2 pound strips.
  • Store bacon in an airtight container or ziplock bag until ready to use in your favorite recipes.


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How to cook bacon in the oven in 4 easy steps.

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